5 mistakes that you need to avoid if your tutor has asked you to redo your coursework

Imagine yourself at the last second of your work, when the clock is about to tick, and you are just on your last line. You are working as fast as you could but at the same time, you are thinking that this should not take more than a second. The second finally comes to an end and you scream out loud that you are done with your work. You are blushing with happiness but suddenly your tutor asks you that you must redo it. This is the worst feeling and you feel as if quitting this very moment but here is where we can help you in making the best of ideas that can help you avoid the problems of redo your coursework.

1- Listening and not hearing

Listening is an important essential of communication skills and if you master it then you can you can do a lot of other things as well. A good communicator is one who listens well and responds equally well as well. The listening factor can help you in understanding what your tutor is saying at the first place. If you listen well, then half of the problems can come to an end.

2- The tutors’ way

The tutor’s way is one of the most essential ways if you don’t want to go with the redo thing. The tutor at the beginning of the session mentions his/her ways and if you are not able to understand his/her way then you are committing a huge mistake. The purpose of it is to inform you before hand that you will have to follow certain formats. Understand his demands and follow his instructions.

3- Proof Read

Proof read your document and understand how you can make it the best document. Sentence structure and ideas must be checked. Also, one more thing is the use of punctuation as sometimes in a flow you are completely unaware of making the right type of brakes with in a sentence. Even you don’t conclude the sentence on a proper full stop or period. Make sure that you check it well.

4- Skimming some instructions

As a student we consider what is good for ourselves and not for the course work. A course work has a certain amount of instructions and there is a course outline designed for it as well. While writing consider the fact that you must follow the instructions because if you skip something as per your desire, you will not complete the course outcomes and key points.

5- Ask your instructive

Before giving a final go, it is important that you must follow the instructions of the tutor because if you are asking them before hand then chances are that he might be able to give you some of the tips for improvement. So ask him beforehand and get your job done in no time without rejection.

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