Free Software to Use Video Transcription and Translation

Video Transcription and Translation
Video transcription and translation are important skills to keep the written records of the videos. These skills are also helpful to you to improve the accessibility of online content. You can also maximize the SEO of the video content by using these skills. To do it, you will have to make use of some tools. You don’t need to make use of the paid tools because some free tools are also available that are helpful to you in video transcription and translation. Here, we will discuss free software that one can use for video transcription and translation.


This tool is providing a simple interface to the users to do the transcription in one window. You can easily use this tool after downloading it in your system. This tool is providing a wide range of features to the users. Therefore, the users can customize the videos according to their requirements and needs. For the transcription and translation of the videos, you can also use a wide range of keyboard shortcuts. These keyboard shortcuts make your task easy.

While using this tool, you should create snippets. With the help of these snippets, you can use the frequently used expressions by using a simple keystroke. This tool also allows users to create closed captions by using time codes. You can insert and play audio and video from various resources in this tool. The most important resources to add audio and video files are systems, URL and flash drive etc.


Transcribe is also an essential and free tool for video transcription and translation. For the transcription of the videos, this tool provides two options to the users. First, you can transcribe the videos by using the typing method. Secondly, you can transcribe the videos by using the dictation option. Its typing option is just similar to the traditional transcription option. It means that you can transcribe the videos by typing the words.

For this reason, you can adjust the speed of the integrated player and editor according to your typing speed. Anyhow, you can also make use of its automated text expander. This essential feature of this tool allows users to use snippets. By using these snippets, you can make the typing process easy. On the other hand, the dictation method is an advanced method to transcribe the videos. For this reason, you just need to speak words in the microphone and it will transcribe the words automatically. This method is faster than typing the words.

The FTW Transcriber:

If you are looking for the professional tool for video transcription and translation, it is the best tool for you. Its reason is that this essential tool has high-quality audio playback. By using this high-quality audio playback, you can make the transcription process smoother. To use this free tool, you will have to download this tool in your system. Another benefit of this tool is that you can use various types of audio and video files for the video transcription.

When you open this tool for working, this tool will appear in the form of a small yellow box on your screen. You can adjust this tool according to your requirements on the screen. If you don’t have a desktop, you can also use this tool on your smartphone and tablet. This tool will also provide the best user experience on the smartphone and tablet. Anyhow, this tool is not supported on the IOS devices.

Express Scribe:

Recommended by a dissertation editing firm, it is also the best tool for professional users. You can freely download this tool on your PC or android device. After downloading this tool in your PC or android device, you will get full control of this tool. You can easily control everything on this tool by using your keyboard. No doubt, this tool is made for the professional users but it has easy to learn interface. Therefore, the newbies can also learn this tool easily. The professionals can use this tool for better speed and efficiency. This tool allows the users to adjust the playback options according to their typing speed. In its free version, you will get limited features. If you want to use its more features, you will have to buy its premium plan.


It is an online tool. You can use this tool on your web browser without downloading this tool on your PC. By using this essential tool, you can easily control the audio player and text editor. You can control these two tools in the same window. You can perform all the activities on this tool by using your keyboard. It means that you don’t require additional tabs.

This essential tool also allows users to control their progress. Its user interface is also easy for the users. You just need to open this tool and add the video file from your PC. If you don’t have a video file in the PC, you can upload URL link of the YouTube video. After uploading the video file, you can start your work on the left side of the window. This essential tool also allows users to use shortcut keys to make this process easy.

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SpeedScriber Automated Transcription:

It is also one of the best and free tools to use for video transcription. This tool is providing surprisingly accurate features to the users. The most important benefit of this tool is that you can use it on the Mac. This software provides a drag and drops tool to the users. You just need to drag videos and audios from your system and add transcriptions into the videos. If you want to process these files, this tool provides you with an opportunity of the secure cloud servers.

This essential tool is also helpful to you to find out the errors into the transcriptions. This tool is also providing the opportunity of the automated timestamps. You can also use its unique tools to make corrections into the transcriptions. This tool is providing support for the American, Australian and British speakers. Moreover, this essential tool is also providing support for various languages.

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