Why is Admission Essay Writing a Difficult Task? How to Overcome It?

Admission Essay Writing
A majority of my students tell me they find writing a college or university essay extremely difficult, and I understand their concerns. Some of them feel pretty confident while trying to start an admission essay but stay unsure of how to gauge their chosen topic's strength and write on it. Their confusion and questions are understandable: while high school helps you prepare your academic essays, it is less likely that you might have spent much time doing reflective or personal writing required in a personal statement.

As an experienced professional who has assessed the personal statements of hundreds of students, I will guide you through the best admission essay writing tips and techniques in this blog. Let us start discussing the beneficial points right away!

Why is Admission Essay Writing a Difficult Task?

Since students have not been trained enough for admission essay writing, they find it extremely tough to write an application essay per the requirements of their dream institute. Some students even feel intimidated by the phrase "reflective writing" because it appears new. In reality, admission essay writing is not as challenging as it may seem initially. If you are one of the students who find it difficult, you have come to the right blog. Here, I will describe the following things:
  • The difference between a typical college essay and an admission essay
  • The ways to brainstorm your essay topic
  • The ways to structure your essay
  • Drafting an admission essay

By the end of this article, you will be all set to write your college application essays in one go.

The Difference between a Normal Essay and a College Admission Essay:

The purpose of your normal academic essays is to check the validity of your concepts, present arguments with supporting evidence, and have an analytical tone. While a personal statement or a college admission essay demonstrates a student's skills, values, interests and qualities he will bring to the institute if he secures admission. It has a more casual and personal tone and helps the admission panel understand how a student thinks, feels, and lives.

How to Brainstorm a Topic for Admission Essay Writing?

Let me tell you the most effective trick for finding a suitable topic for writing admission essays. The technique is to spend half an hour thinking about the core values you will want to be reflected in your essay. These values will serve as a foundation for your entire admission essay. When a reader walks through your statement, activities list and additional info you provide about yourself, he gets a clear sense of your core values through your superior skills, insights and experience.

The more time you spend brainstorming like this, the easier it will become for you to write admission essays. Let the ideas flow into your mind and keep writing them, as they will help you draft a strong admission essay.

How to Structure Your College Admission Essay?

Once you have figured out the core values you want to be included in your college essay, it will be time to structure your admission essay.

I have helped hundreds of students by providing them with these easy hacks. Here is the basic structure you will need to follow while working on admission essay writing:
  • Your introduction
  • Challenges I faced and their effects
  • What did I do to tackle those challenges?
  • What did I learn?

The challenges part will depict the hardships or challenges you faced and their impact on your life. Then you will narrate how you overcame the hardships encountered and describe the lessons you learnt from the experience. Let me guide you in further detail now.

Status Quo

It will be the starting point of the admission essay. This part will briefly describe the world or the main character's life (the main character means you).

The Incident

Now this will be an incident which suddenly disrupted the status quo. It will tell the reader about the worst thing that could happen to the main character. Make it interesting so the reader wonders about what happened next.

Suspense Creation

After describing the incident, it will be time to create suspense in the reader's mind. Try to make the situation tenser, the need to take action and display the condition where the main character had more and more to lose.

The Revealing of Truth

This section is the part called the climax of an admission essay. In this section, the main character must make a choice. The reader's curiosity will peak here, and he will judge your personality's strength or weakness by your decision.

New Status Quo

In this part, you will tell the reader about the practical significance of the story and show him the lessons the main character learns during or after the process. Usually, it will be some insightful lesson which will further help the reader in his life.

How to Draft an Admission Essay?

Following the tips above will make your admission essay writing much easier than you might have expected. After arranging your thoughts, the first step will be to outline your essay, as outlining saves you a ton of time otherwise spent on the revisions. You have already gathered most of what you might want to be included in your admission essay; you only need to arrange it in the best way. Grab the points you have assembled in the list mentioned above in the article and stack them together. You will get a rough draft of your essay.

Final Editing and Proofreading:

After composing your admission essay, it will be time to edit and proofread your essay and remove all the possible errors. After you fine-tune your essay, it will be ready to be sent to the admission committee for reading and review. Be sure to erase all sorts of grammatical, contextual and stylistic errors from it first.


This article's tips and techniques will make your admission essay writing easier than ever. I know a lot of students who wrote their admission essays following these guidelines, and they got accepted into their dream institutes. You can be the next, so remember these instructions while crafting an admission essay.

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